Puppy Polish Toothpaste

Puppy Polish Toothpaste
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You have high standards, so does Wag & Bright Supply Co. We believe you should have proof of the safety and quality of our products. That's why Wag & Bright hires Global leaders in 3rd Party Testing and Inspection to analyze and triple check our toothpaste.
​From inception, Wag & Bright consulted Independent 3rd Party Inspection Firms, Agencies and Laboratories to ensure our product was formulated to far surpass industry standards and exceed baseline requirements. The quality and safety of our products was not an afterthought, and integrated as part of our philosophy from day one.


Place a pea-size amount of Puppy Polish Toothpaste on your Dog's toothbrush. Brush teeth in a rotating motion and brush for 1-2 minutes (or as tolerated). Use in conjunction with a Puppy Polisher Toothbrush for maximum cleaning action. Reward your pup with a treat afterward to make the process positive.

Ingredients: purified water, calcium carbonate (limestone abrasive), sorbitol, hydrated silica, vegetable glycerine, calcium hydrogen phosphate, coco glucoside (coconut oil derived), chicken powder, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), cellulose gum, xanthan gum, sodium pyrophosphate, organic melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil, coco nucifera (coconut) oil, stevia rebaudiana. 


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Puppy Polish Toothpaste