Oat Grass For Cats Seed with Soil Kit

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Oat Grass For Cats Seed with Soil Kit
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  • 100% organic oat seed.
  • The fiber in oat grass can help stimulate your kitty’s digestion.
  • Oat grass can help rid her body of potentially poisonous or inedible matter, like hairballs or a bits of food that she has ingested.
  • Oat grass tastes mildly sweet and is more flavorful than other types of cat grass. It’s also a good source protein and contains soluble fibre which aids digestion.
  • Compostable packaging.
  • Ready in 7 days.
  • Made in Canada. 


100% organic oat seed and soil. 

Daily Feeding Instructions

Cat will eat it whenever she/he needs it. Just Place it some where your cat can reach. 

How to Grow

Cover the seeds in the soil and place the container in a sunny position in your home, just as you would any other plant.

Make sure to water it regularly (misting may help avoid overwatering). In a few days, your seeds will begin to sprout, and within 7 days, they should be ready to eat.


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Oat Grass For Cats Seed with Soil Kit