Why Franchise with WAGSUP?

1. Two Streams of Income (Retail & Grooming)

1a. Retail
    We’re not your average pet store. There are many pet stores out there and we differentiate our strategy by curating unique items from all over the world. Customers want unique and different products for their furbabies. We have dedicated team members who study and search for pet industry trends and curate unique items.
      Don’t worry. We still carry popular & essential pet products so your customers can enjoy both essential and unique items at WAGSUP!
        We listen to your requests. While other franchising companies only approve the franchisee to carry products that the franchiser carries, we understand customers in different areas want different things. If there’s a new product that you’d like to carry in your store, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure that you can carry that product in your store.

            1b. Grooming Service
            We’re the only pet business that trains our franchisees on how to operate a grooming business - from A to Z!
              Don’t know what to look for when hiring a groomer? Don’t worry, we have connections to help bring talented groomers from overseas. 

                2. Millennial & Gen Z Marketing
                  Unlike other petbusinesses with their dull marketing style, with WAGSUP, we will provide trendy and professional marketing materials for our franchisees.. We will make your potential customers curious about our brand and the services you provide. 

                    3. Formulated Business System
                      We have created a system to maximize the sales and better communications between the business and the customer, to ensure high customer satisfaction while maximizing profits. 

                        4. Fast and Effective Openings: Sit Back & Relax!
                          Average time for a franchisee to open a franchise in the pet indusry can take anywhere between 6 to 12 months for you to open publicly. However with WAGSUP, you can expect it to be under 6 months (Our first location and second location were able to open publicly within 2 months, and 3 months respectively, after the building permit was released). We have relationships with HVAC, building, and plumbing contractors that are fast and efficient. Once you become our franchisee, just sit back and relax. We will handle A to Z and make everything ready for you in a timely manner.

                            5. Training
                              We provide 2 weeks of franchisee training in Toronto and 1 week onsite. This will teach you all that you need to know to run your franchise. If you still have questions in the future, don’t worry, we have 24/7 support that will provide on-going training and support.

                                6. Franchising Cost
                                  The initial franchise fee is $30,000, and $300,000+ for the store set up and initial inventory. At least 1000 sq ft is recommended to operate both retail and grooming service. The royalty fee is 6% of the net sales and the advertising fee is 1% of the net sales. *The royalty fee of 6% of the net sales will be waived for 6 months of operating for the first 7 franchisees.

                                      For franchising inquiries, contact us at franchising@wagsup.ca to get the conversation started.